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Our most current projects are developing increased habitat for salmon in our creeks. This entails several systematic studies that lead to an on-the-ground project. These projects are specifically on private property, but do range into collaboration with the local agencies such as BLM and Josephine County. 
Following is a list of the assessments and actions plans we have developed so far:

  1. Williams Creek Assessment (2000)
  2. Williams Creek Action Plan (2000)
  3. Williams Hydrological Assessment
  4. Geology of the Williams Watershed - (2003)
  5. Williams Creek Watershed Groundwater Assessment (2004)
  6. East Fork Sediment Analysis and Road Inventory 
  7. East Fork Assessment (habitat and erosion control, StreamFix 2003)
  8. East Fork Restoration Manual (2004)
  9. West Fork Restoration Manual (2006)


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