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Williams Creek Watershed Council Staff

Chas Rogers -Council Coordinator

Chas is a never-ending source of energy at WCWC. The success of our projects is largely due to his dedication to the watershed, skill as a scientist and amiable personality. He has worked part-time as Project Manager for WCWC since the fall of 2001 is also a part-time geology instructor at Rogue Community College. A twenty seven-year resident of Williams, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Geological Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara and completed his Master’s in Geological Sciences from the University of Oregon in 2000. Chas is active with the WCWC Project Committee and is an avid pilot in his spare time.

Board of Directors – 2013

President: Chuck Dahl

Chuck is the proprietor of Pacific Slope Tree Company and provides the Council with technical expertise on eco-forestry  and woodland management. Chuck has served on the WCWC Board for over a decade and brings a wealth of resource-based experience and knowledge.

Vice President:
Brian Barton
Brian joined the WCWC Board in 2006. As a newer resident of Williams, he brings enthusiasm and an acute business sense to WCWC. He and his wife own Spit ‘n’ Polish, a local antique business.
Secretary/Treasurer: Arthur Sherman
Arthur has been a board and staff member and for WCWC since December 2005. A long-time resident of Williams, he brings with him knowledge of people and places within the Williams Creek watershed. Arthur has a Bachelor’s Degree in Ecology with an emphasis in geomorphology from Oregon State University and previously worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in their Wetlands Research Program. He has many years experience as a private environmental consultant in both Oregon and Washington, as well as a background in accounting

Board Member:
Kathleen Kollock

Kathleen has been on the Board of Directors since 1998. She and her husband run a small construction company which specializes in residential remodeling and in restoring historic homes. Kathleen and her husband Arthur have provided much assistance to WCWC with grantwriting and finance tracking.

Board Member:

Cheryl Brunner

Cheryl Brunner is a landowner in Williams and works as a nurse. She has organized the Williams Forest Aliance and watches the forests in Williams and develops public interest.

Board Member: Don Brandeau

Don joined the Board two years ago and has been active in vegetative plantings that enhance watershed projects. He lives in Williams on the banks of an active creek that challenges any restoration plans that we can find.

Board member:
Bob Ettner

Bob joined the Board in June 2000. He brings much technical expertise to WCWC, thanks to his 34 years of employment with the USFS as a professional hydrologist, forester and planner. Now retired, Bob is a farmer and volunteer fire fighter, and also is a board member of the Applegate Valley Fire District.
Board member:
Evelyn Roether

Evelyn worked for the Williams Creek Watershed Council as Council Coordinator from 1998-2006.  She has worked on natural resource planning issues in the Williams Creek watershed for the past 18 years, and has been on the WCWC Board since 1999.  She is also an elected member of the Williams Town Council. 



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